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Just think, if you help 10 people sign up for a Major Training, you'd make enough in referral fees to go to your training for free!!

The purpose of this program is to provide an incentive to refer prospective clients to Empowerment, Inc. seminars and trainings. Many of our participants refer others because they have gained so much from our courses. We greatly appreciate this word-of-mouth advertising, and this program is our way of saying "Thank You!"

A referral is made when you submit (mail, fax or e-mail) the name and contact information of an individual who is not currently in our database. You will receive a one-time fee when your referral enrolls, pays in full, and completes a TEP training within one year of being entered into our database. Enrollment and completion of a TEP training must occur within one year of the referral's entry into our database. To ensure proper credit for the individuals you refer, complete and return a REFERRAL PROGRAM SUBMISSION FORM.

Entry into our database is usually done in conjunction with an information request via a TEP web-form, event brochure, schedule, or with enrollment in a seminar or training. You may use a REFERRAL PROGRAM SUBMISSION FORM or similar method to provide us with all of the necessary information about the person(s) you are referring. Please make copies of the form to enable you to easily send future referrals. Be sure to include your customer identification or registration number if you know it, along with your full legal name (no alias names), address and contact information so we can accurately assign your referrals. Your customer identification will be used to track your referral(s). Mail, fax or e-mail the form to our office promptly. Make sure you have provided us with all the necessary information at the time of your referral and we will provide efficient and prompt service.

A referral fee may be earned when your referral enrolls, pays in full, and completes the following within one year of being entered into our database:

  • Their first Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification´┐Ż Training
  • Their first Major Training of five (5) days or longer

The fee is equal to 10% of the actual amount the person pays to attend the event once they are paid in full, less any discounts given, certification fees, or applicable sales tax. Once the training has concluded, referral fees are calculated at the end of the month and paid within 6 - 8 weeks. If your referral has an outstanding balance on the event, your referral fee will be held until the balance is paid in full.

Referral fees are not paid on the following:

  1. Enrollments made after the one-year period has expired.
  2. Referrals given after a customer has already been entered into our database. This means they are an active customer at the time of referral, and are not new to TEP.
  3. When a customer lists an alias or nickname of their referrer. Please be sure your referral knows your full legal name.
  4. Additional trainings attended after the first Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification´┐Ż Training and first Major Training of five (5) days or longer, as mentioned above.
  5. Product sales.
  6. Attendance at events where TEP is not the sole sponsor (via Living Social, Groupon, etc).

In order to qualify to receive a referral fee, you must be an existing contact in our database. Referral fees are not retroactive. If payment is made for a referral, you are considered an independent contractor and responsible for all federal, state and local taxes on the monies paid to you. Empowerment, Inc. reserves the right to make revisions to this Referral Program policy without notice.