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I walked into the training room with very little knowledge of what hypnosis really is. I walked out knowing the truth...and with the skills needed to apply the teachings to help others and to help myself. The power of the Unconscious Mind is amazing! Thank you!
-- Thomas Tenaglia

Fabulous. Extremely well organized in terms of content, timing, and delivery. The training provided an extremely practical set of skills and the opportunity to practice them. Very useful.
-- Sarah Brockman

Fabulous. I had no idea I would learn how to improve my life. I thought I was learning a relaxation technique. Instead, I met myself. Best self help course I've ever taken.
-- Lisa Magee

There are no words - words seem so insignificant compared to the level of intensity that can be experienced in the program if you choose to open yourself to it.
-- Dr. Deborah Thomas

This course has changed my life and outlook, but more importantly has empowered me to help others and improve their lives as well.
-- Stephen Smith

This training was awesome. I came for additional skills to enhance my practice and received personal growth and development. Priceless!!
-- Karen Stapleton

I walked in knowing almost nothing about hypnosis & walked out with a great foundation of what hypnosis really is.
-- Loree Sutton

Great training for whoever plans to practice hypnosis professionally and ethically. A must to take!
-- Hector E Quintana

Felt and learned what I never could have taught myself, to believe in hypnosis 100%.
-- Kendrick Lester